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August 27, 2012
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kamenoko . sayuri by peachtail kamenoko . sayuri by peachtail

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* 06/14/14 - Summer semester! Chopped hair and more pencil skirts lul > Color reference!
* 09/27/13 - Fall/winter semester update! Reiko's styled her hair ;y! From now on it'll be symmetrical, haha.


Name: Takahashi, Sayuri
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6'' (with heels)
Date of birth: April 12
Year: 4th
Degree: Marketing, minor in Psychology
* Dropped Advertising/Public Relations

Sayuri is an overconfident, short-tempered, and critical type of person. She knows how to get what she wants, using hard work as means to achieve it. She is naturally very competitive, persistent, and extremely pragmatic-- she will not think twice about an opportunity that rises up to climb the ladder in her career without much consideration for who is against her. Often sees other people as opportunities for her own benefit of moving forward, no matter what aspect of her life. First impressions are extremely important to Sayuri and she often sees things at face value (from the way someone dresses to the way they present themselves, habits and actions), so making a bad impression on her will form her opinion on you, unless otherwise proven wrong. Sayuri believes actions speak louder than words. She puts high value on intelligence and wit over over emotions in conversations and arguments, though not completely averse to allowing herself to feel when she needs to. The amount of people she can confide in and consider true friends are in the single digits… Sayuri often experiences difficulty expressing fondness for people she respects and is unlikely to give flattery or compliments unless she truly means it (and expects the person in question to know how high the regard is, often leading to misunderstandings). Prioritizes fact and logic over emotions and has a tendency to believe she is right about a lot of things, leading to a relatively overbearing attitude.

Sayuri is very cautious about her spending habits and is likely to think carefully on expensive outings or events, and even if she does, she can be rather stingy and tends to not overindulge herself. She dresses in a higher standard that she has grown so accustomed to that it's ingrained in her habits to simply look good; she may appear very intimidating or much older than she is, but doesn't consider it a hinderance to who she is-- it automatically weeds out certain types of people that she would rather not associate with. She is difficult to befriend on a deeper level for her quick judgments about people, dismissing the potential of most people she could be friends with, but she generally doesn't dwell on it because not many people really match her standards. That being said! Her expectations of people has recently dwindled so she's much less critical now--but much more guarded, and grounded in what she prefers.

Her temper is short and can be intolerant if pushed to her limits; she would rather walk away from people that aren't worth her time. Prone to overthinking situations which can be bad and good depending on the situation - she can be open-minded but at the same time, she can overthink a problem to the point of exhaustion and prone to moodiness or sharp wit when bothered or annoyed. Sayuri is able to adapt to bad situations and circumstances, however, and will keep a stiff upper lip in the face of adversity, continuing to live life as she always does. She does not, and will not compromise her time or energy for the sake of others she would rather not associate with, unfortunately. It may come off as selfish and arrogant but long gone are the days where other peoples' opinions truly mattered… she may be opinionated though this is only to entertain a longer lasting type of conversation, which is another form of her respect. Had she not cared what another thought, she would rather be dismissive of their lifestyles or opinions. Sayuri could care less about a lot of other peoples' situations and circumstances, though she would never really like admitting it. A moderate perfectionist, she is efficient on her tasks and performs well in her studies as a result; her patience is very low for people who cannot match her efficiency (which is like, everyone). She is also unlikely to receive pity very well.

Consequently, she also thinks she is too good for certain jobs and tasks and will feel insulted if she is asked to do any of them. Her style of campaigning has a tendency to challenge the status quo and not appeal much to emotion, probably due to her unconventional upbringing and an emphasis on intelligence. She is not very grounded in tradition. Also, she often outwardly looks like an enigma, stone-faced, or displeased with the world or grinning at an opportune moment...

tl;dr if i had one word to describe her accurately, it's all-around pragmatic.

Biography. To Sayuri, she's always known her only family to be composed of her mother and her aunt. She's a daughter of a dysfunctional couple and was left by her father at age 3, but she doesn't dwell much on him walking out on her. While not completely unattached to her mother, she spent most of her life being raised by her aunt at home while her mother worked very hard in the city to pay for their little living in the city's suburb. Her mother worked as a secretary for a creative director of an internationally known advertising agency for the Japanese branch.

Sayuri grew up as a curious and imaginative child - her exploits in creativity were encouraged by her mother. She did moderately well throughout her education, but quickly had to find a job as soon as she became of age. Sayuri worked in convenience stores and bakeries-- almost 35 hours a week on top of school. She got very used to helping her mother pay for groceries, especially after her aunt had left to get married when she was still in junior high. It wasn't long until a chain of events happened that led up to Sayuri applying for Kamenoko University.

In her high school years, Sayuri quickly noticed that her mom was overworked and stressed out. Normally her mother would still be-- but she noticed her mother coming home late nights and/or being gone for the weekend and coming home very miserable. It wasn't until Sayuri was 18 when her mother had suffered a stroke and was stuck in the hospital for weeks. Hospital bills made things even more difficult after Sayuri graduated high school--while they were able to dip into some of their savings, it was nearly empty after paying all their dues. On top of that, Sayuri's mother was prescribed several different medicines to regulate her high blood pressure. The medicines, as expected, are expensive and her mother was not able to return to work in the city.

It turned out that her job in the city had been a horrendous one. While it was stable for most of Sayuri's life, Sayuri had known her mother to be constantly stressed out about her job and often times would complain about certain things she did not understand. Her mother had explained that she'd been constantly sexually harassed by her boss and was not able to file charges against him because she did retain some feelings for him although he was married. Infuriated by the situation, Sayuri knew it was wrong that her mother would be treated that way (though her mother had forgiven the man in question many years ago). When Sayuri entered college, she took many courses on feminism to try and get a better way of fighting for her and her mother. Sayuri also took great interest in Advertising, despite knowing what it entailed, she knew that the job made well into the six figures if she did it correctly. Sayuri had also gotten acquainted with a man who soon became her boyfriend (Takumi Suzuki) when she entered university, getting herself a foot into the business and some experience. Naturally, she decided to change who she was (head to toe) to fit into the culture, and Takumi's world.

She soon found that after a 2 year relationship with a man who could only give her business and nothing more than that was...tormenting. Sayuri gave into her feelings and temptations towards ex-student council president Fujimoto Junichiro and as soon as Takumi had called off their relationship, she invested her emotions to Junichiro and took a semester off of school to save more money for her coming Junior-Sophomore year cusp. Things seemed to be going well until news was dropped that Junichiro was to move away to America for financial reasons-- his past had crept up on him from events within the past year. Distraught by Shimane's revelations on Junichiro's past regarding his student council position, she became conflicted with the situation but saw Junichiro off on his last day in Japan. Sayuri aims to continue pursuing her career, although she knows and realizes now, looks (and words) can be deceiving.

Sayuri dreams big, despite her circumstances.

Social network:
ClubBusiness faculty representative (Fall 2012)
OccupationBusiness Consultant (Intern) at IMAGO

Additional information.
- Substitutes cabbage in place of rice with whatever she eats. Always.
- Is a bit of a slob in her home, mostly because she's too busy or exhausted at the end of the day to fix anything. Her mother often cleans up after her.
- She took up advertising to win competitions and get noticed by foreign agencies for a better-paying job; participating in the Two Show competition at the end of every year.
- Enjoys listening to 80's music like Pink Lady, Naoko Kawai, WINK, and Madonna.
- A woman who struggles and suffers for fashion, she is always wearing some sort of heel when she's in front of her friends or classmates. On her ways home, she switches. She enjoys visiting Omotesando on days when she has free time, often making regular trips to Shibuya on Friday nights to drink with a friend.
- Dated Suzuki Takumi, Fujimoto Junichiro, and Okada Naoto.

- Voice: Killer Lady, Yoshiwara Lament (Wotamin)

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